Coastal Watch

In August 2012, NGOs and general public gathered to remove pellets and other rubbish after the plastic pellet spill.  In order to bring forward the beach clean-up momentum, WWFHK facilitated the project “Coastal Watch”, which aims to conduct ecology and marine debris survey and perform clean-up activities in 34 selected coastal and marine habitats.  OPCFHK is one of the strategic partners of the project and has adopted Shui Hau Wan, Pak Nai and Ha Pak Nai, three major habitats of horseshoe crabs in Hong Kong.



Think you can avoid creating marine debris apart from not littering on the sea?  In fact, 60-80% of all marine debris originates from land-based sources.  Every single piece of litter, as tiny as a plastic bag or as big as a fridge, could induce serious impact on wildlife.  Many marine animals mistake marine debris as food.  For example, sea turtles may mistake plastics as jellyfish which may cause malnutrition, gastrointestinal obstruction, or even death.


Marine debris covers the spawning and nursery site of horseshoe crabs on the mudflats at Ha Pak Nai

Entanglement in fishing nets or gears abandoned in the sea may hinder horseshoe crabs, finless porpoises and other marine animals’ movements and foraging, or even cause death




The team will conduct ecological surveys and record every organism found on the site.  A database of biodiversity will be established to understand the ecological value of each site.

2. Marine litter survey

We will record the debris type, weight and deposit rate of marine debris through this survey.  Any evidence or indication that enables us to trace the source of the marine debris will also be recorded.


Through the micro debris survey, we will obtain invaluable information on composition and abundance of micro debris.

4. Clean-up activity

After the completion of the abovementioned surveys, the team will remove debris from the coast.  All litter will be sorted for recycling or disposal.


Join us as a “citizen scientist”!  You will be trained by specialists to assist the surveys.  Join our volunteer team NOW!