Pledging to Support Sustainable Seafood!
Pledging to Support Sustainable Seafood!

OPCFHK has organized a series of sustainable seafood pledging campaign at Grand Aquarium, Ocean Park since 2011. The campaign aims to raise public awareness on sustainable seafood by pledging not to consume shark fin, Napoleon fish and bluefin tuna for at least three months. Over 42,000 pledges were collected and we hope that more people could join to protect the ocean.

Support OPCFHK further with a donation through the interactive Octopus donation system. Your donation empowers OPCFHK to conserve more marine life and habitats.


 Save the FISH from your DISH, Pledge Now!
Queuing to pledge, for a brighter future for the ocean and our next generations.
Your action saves Ocean!
Donation is made fun and easy: choose the fish representing you, enter your name and swipe your Octopus card.  Grab the chance to take a photo with your fish in front of the projection.