Promoting giant panda conservation with Citywalk
Promoting giant panda conservation with Citywalk

OPCFHK collaborated with Citywalk once again to promote giant panda conservation in Hong Kong! This year, to support OPCFHK and wildlife conservation even further, Citywalk took a step forward and sponsored a trip to the Shaanxi province of China for the “Panda Action 2013” students, where they carried out their own promotional campaigns and education programmes about sustainable development and giant panda conservation. Learn more about “Panda Action 2013”...

The Giant Panda Conservation Programme public launch took place in March at Citywalk, located in Tsuen Wan District. The students of “Panda Action 2013”, with the Foundation’s Deputy Director Mr. Timothy Ng, introduced the mission of “Panda Action 2013” and promoted giant panda conservation to the audience. They also integrated their conservation message into mini interactive games and a dance performance.
Citywalk was transformed into a bamboo forest where an exhibit displayed interesting facts about the giant pandas and their natural habitat. In addition, they could visit the adorable giant panda donation kiosk where they could donate money with their Octopus cards, supporting OPCFHK’s giant panda conservation work and post-earthquake habitat rebuilding efforts.

For Citywalk’s summer kick-off ceremony, the students of “Panda Action 2013” shared the highlights of their meaningful trip to Shaanxi Province. The students had made a video as well as an exhibit, which captured focal moments of their trips, to showcase their efforts to the public of Hong Kong and. They also hoped that these would engage more people to adopt a sustainable lifestyle and to contribute to the conservation of giant pandas and their habitats.


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During yet another summer event Mr. Francis Mak, the founder of the” Never Give Up Association”, led over 360 secondary school students of “NGUA 2013” and “NGUJ 2013” to join the Ocean Park Giant Panda Conservation Tour sponsored by Citywalk. On the tour, the students learned about giant pandas and their habitat and visited other animal exhibits to help them prepare their entries for the “Creative Conservation Artwork Competition”!

The summer finale ceremony of the Giant Panda Conservation Programme was held on 31st August, when the students of “Panda Action 2013” joined other guests in celebrating the successful completion of the programme. The creative art pieces of the students who joined the Ocean Park Giant Panda Conservation Tour were displayed at Citywalk from 31st Aug to 31st Oct 2013, where the artwork used creative means to convey conservation messages. For example, some students used recycled materials to build 3D animal models, integrating the concepts of both wildlife conservation and recycling into art.

OPCFHK would like to thank Citywalk and all the participants for supporting giant panda conservation!