Wolong Giant Panda Family Eco-Tour
Wolong Giant Panda Family Eco-Tour 2007

Two Wolong Panda Family Tours co-organized by OPCFHK and Charming Holidays Ltd were successfully held in Sichuan province in summer 2007. A group of primary and secondary school students, together with their parents joined the tour in order to have a close contact with giant pandas, and to learn about the conservation of the animals. Part of the revenue was donated to the OPCFHK.

During the 6-day trip, participants were first taught with basic biology of giant pandas. After that, they could volunteer to be Giant panda’s caretakers to take care of the daily life of pandas. Participants visited various places including the natural habitat where wild giant pandas live, bamboo farm, Dujiangyan etc, which aim to understand the wildlife, indigenous lifestyle and Sichuan culture.

Date of Tour
1. July 21st – July 26th 2007
2. August 9th – August 14th 2007

Preparation Course at Ocean Park

Before set off to Sichuan, participants were invited to The Hong Kong Jockey Club Giant Panda Habitat to attend a briefing section. They visited the back of house area of the habitat to know more about the facilities and to share experience with the giant panda keepers.

Wolong, Sichuan

After paying a visit to the Wolong Giant Panda Museum, every participant volunteered to be caretakers for giant panda in the home town of Ying Ying and Le Le -China Research and Conservation Centre for the Giant Panda. They were responsible for food preparation, feeding, house cleaning, and transport of bamboo. During hours of work, participants experienced the closest moment with the giant pandas. They were awarded certificates from Wolong Panda Club after a day of hard yet meaningful work.

Apart from volunteer work, participants visited Panda Valley and bamboo farm to appreciate the natural wildlife and indigenous village.


They joined the indigenous camp fire and tried the traditional Sichuan barbecue lamb.

Participants were asked to design enrichment for the pandas to show their creativity and what they had learnt from the panda trip.


Sichuan Chengdou and Dujiangyan

The remaining two days trip included visits to the World Heritage – Dujiangyan and Dofu cottage. Participants also tried the local Sichuan cuisine and enjoyed Sichuan Opera.