Half Bucket Water Conservation Campaign
Half Bucket Water Conservation Campaign 2009

Organized by OPCFHK and sponsored by Coca-Cola Foundation, the Half Bucket Water Conservation Campaign was launched on 22 March 2009 which aimed to promote water conservation by engaging teachers, students and the public into outreach programmes, field trips, school talks, designing exhibits and website.

The Water Conservation Exhibit Design was supported by over 200 students from nine primary and secondary schools. Under professional guidance, the students created more than 80 art pieces to express their feelings towards freshwater crisis, and to raise awareness on the importance of water conservation.
An educational website to convey the importance of water resource
Students turned their passion into action by cleaning beaches
Our boat trips to view the Chinese white dolphin taught students about the importance of mitigating water pollution to human as well as wildlife
Coca-cola Factory Visit Water Conservation Teachers Workshop
Water Conservation Exhibit Design
Students participated in Water Conservation Summit to illustrate their appeal for water conservation