Flag Day 2022

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Rising temperatures, extreme weather, melting glaciers, frequent bushfires and drought are just few of the many consequences brought on by climate change. The living space of many species continues to shrink as the environment is being destroyed. Associated effects, such as depletion of natural resources and habitat change, have led significant impact on their population and distribution, thus causes disruption in the ecological balance.   


Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong (OPCFHK) is going to host the Flag Day in Kowloon region on August 13, 2022 to raise funds for local cetacean stranding response, community and public education and local conservation research projects.


The theme of this Kowloon Region Flag Day is “Reduce Carbon Footprint to Help Combat Climate Change”, and the flag stickers are firstly crossover with local famous cartoon character, Din Dong, to promote the message with six animal ambassadors, namely orangutan, Asian elephant, giant panda, Eurasian otter, Gentoo penguin and meerkat. OPCFHK aims to raise public awareness on how they can take a small action in daily life to protect the species.


The Director of Social Welfare Department has given approval to three organisations to sell flags to solicit donations, one each at the Hong Kong Island region, Kowloon region and the New Territories region on August 13, 2022 and OPCFHK is authorised to conduct flag sale in Kowloon region on that day.


orangutan (紅毛猩猩) 

Orangutan's habitats in Bornero and Sumatra had been largely converted into palm tree cultivation to produce palm oil. Frequent bushfire as a consequence from climate change also attributes to the loss of habitat which drops the orangutan population significantly.  

Asian elephant (亞洲象)

Destruction of forests for human development driving more greenhouse gases emissions not only worsening the global climate, population of Asian elephants are diminished due to loss of habitat and food.    

giant panda (大熊貓) 

Human-caused climate change affects the growth of bamboo, forcing giant pandas to forage further into other areas. Rapid development also causes habitat fragmentation. The remaining 1,800 wild giant pandas in China need our help. 

Eurasian otter (歐亞水獺) 

Eurasian otters are widely distributed in freshwater areas of Asia, Africa and Europe. However, extreme weathers induced by climate change, such as drought and flooding, brought huge impact on their habitats, which is already shrunken due to human development.

Gentoo penguin (巴布亞企鵝)

Penguins living in the South Pole are seriously affected. Global warming driven melting of glacier. In addition of urban development, over-fishing and oil exploration, Gentoo penguin’s food and habitat are continuously exploited. 

meerkat (小狐獴) 

Climate change affects the rainfall pattern. The population of meerkat became vulnerable in a drier and hotter climate if the climate change issue persists.  


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Gold Flag Purchase

Din-dong Gold Flag Sticker

For every donation of HK$100, you will receive a flashing "Din-dong Gold Flag Sticker". 


Din-dong Gold Flag Set 

For every donation of HK$200, you will receive a "Gold Flag Set" that includes one box of "Din-dong special edition disposable mask" and one flashing "Din-dong Gold Flag Sticker".



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