Plastic-free Living Week

Other than becoming a “No Straw School”, schools can join the “Plastic-free Living Week” to educate students about plastic pollution and to promote a “plastic-free lifestyle”. Participating schools will be provided with the educational kit developed by OPCFHK, they may then design their own materials to raise awareness of threats caused by marine debris and to take action in conservation.

“Plastic-free Living Week” activities include:

  • Movie screening
  • In-school Debate competition
  • In-school Q&A competition
  • Sea turtle origami workshop
  • News clipping discussion
  • Other community outreach projects and activities

OPCFHK will provide an electronic copy of the “Plastic-free Living Week” educational kit to partnering schools while OPCFHK staff could be arranged to assist the above activities. [1]  Participating schools are also strongly recommended to design and organise their own additional activities to promote the idea of “Less Plastic ‧ Save the Ocean” to students.

Application method: Download and submit the completed reply slip to OPCFHK via email ( or fax (2553-5840).



[1] Upon request