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Cherish our Oceans, Choose Wisely – Support Sustainable Seafood

Is it an honour to be the 2nd in Asia?

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), every person in Hong Kong consumed an average of 77.5kg seafood in 2010. This is about 3.1 times higher than the global average, making Hong Kong the second largest seafood consumer in Asia, and the 6th in the world. The seafood consumed in Hong Kong is imported from over 150 countries.

According to the FAO, over 80% of the world fishery resources have either been fully exploited or are over exploited and scientists believe that 90% of the high-value commercial fishes have disappeared. If the situation continues, global fisheries could collapse totally within 35 years.

How you can help?

As the major consumers, we can make a difference by choosing seafood wisely. Only choose seafood from certified and sustainable fisheries.