Conservation Education Experience Programme for Youth

It is proved that climate change has caused severe impact on the environment, one-third of the species around the world may become extinct by 2070. Thus, the threats to animals and ecosystems are growing more dire, and it is becoming an ecological crisis. As one of the global citizens, we can help to turn the situation around by taking immediate actions now.

Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong (OPCFHK) understands that development of conservation awareness at early age is the key to promoting environmental conservation. With the support of The Joseph Lau Luen Hung Charitable Trust, OPCFHK has launched a five-year environmental conservation programme - "Conservation Education Experience Programme for Youth" since 2021. 300 students from Primary 4 to 6 are recruited each year to participate various conservation activities and workshops to gain in-depth knowledge on climate change and biodiversity conservation. The programme cultivate them to become Conservation Youth Leader to combat climate change together and conserve biodiversity.

Programme Activities

Conservation Seminar
With the theme of the impact of climate change on biodiversity, the seminar enables students to gain a comprehensive understanding on the causes of climate change and its consequences on humans and nature, such as sea level rise, global warming, extreme weather to name but a few, thus inspiring them to change their daily attitude and habits to tackle the environmental issues.

Speak from Animals
The threat posed by climate change on ecosystems and species is concerned, habitats and foraging grounds are affected, especially those species that are only depended on specific ecosystems, may prone to extinction. Therefore, by understanding the relationship between the body structure, behavior of animals and their habitats, students can learn the threats and consequences due to climate change, subsequently, aware of the relationship and importance of biodiversity and biological resources.

Conservation Project
It aims to allow students to use the acquired knowledge to conduct in-depth discussions, so to propose the methods and action plans for issues such as climate change and conservation. The project will be presented to other Conservation Young Leaders and guests at the finale of the programme.

Conservation Corners at schools
Encouraging Conservation Youth Leader to establish a "Conservation Corner" at schools to share conservation  knowledge within the school and community, so to exert their influencing power.

Dialogue with Experts
In order to let the Conservation Youth Leader to play an active part in conservation issue, it is essential to give them opportunity to voice out. In Dialogue with Experts, students can discuss and exchange their view on conservation issues with the representatives from government and scientists. Together, they can explore new ways to overcome the challenges posed by climate change.

Alumni Association of Conservation Youth Leader
To continue the delegations and commitment as conservation pioneer, an Alumni Association is established to gather all the Conservation Youth Leaders to implement activities and projects regarding climate change and biodiversity conservation. Alumni will receive newsletter, excursions and take part in various conservation work and seminars to get closer with the nature and understand Hong Kong ecology better.


Participating School List

List of participated school (In alphabetical order)

2022 -2023 2021 -2022
C.C.C. Heep Woh Primary School AD & FD POHL Leung Sing Tak School
Chan’s Creative School Good Counsel Catholic Primary School
ELCHK Lutheran School Ho Yu College and Primary School
Kowloon City Baptist Church Hay Nien (Yan Ping) Primary School Kowloon City Baptist Church Hay Nien (Yan Ping) Primary School
Kowloon Tong School (Primary Section) Kwong Ming School
PLK Women's Welfare Club (WD) Fung Lee Pui Yiu Primary School PLK Vicwood K T Chong No.2 Primary School
S.K.H. St. Michael’s Primary School Po Leung Kuk Castar Primary School
Stewards Pooi Kei Primary School Po Leung Kuk Chee Jing Yin Primary School
The Salvation Army Ann Wyllie Memorial School Shatin Government Primary School
TWGHs Chow Yin Sum Primary School Yuen Long Public Middle School Alumni Association Primary School


Education Resources

Download here

One Planet: Climate Change and the Ecological Crisis
"One Planet: Climate Change and the Ecological Crisis" is produced with aim to educate students a key concept: we live on the same planet as other species, and we are the only ones who can fight and reverse the climate crisis. The measures mentioned in this booklet are intended to encourage students to explore more and promote creativity in delivering innovative suggestions and solutions to remedy climate change and resolve conservation-related issues.