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Since its expansion in 2005, the Ocean Park Conservation Foundation Hong Kong (OPCFHK) has allocated over HK$100 million to fund 560 research projects on cetaceans, giant pandas and many other species. The two themes for 2022/23 include marine conservation and combating illegal trade of threatened species. Whilst continuing the operation of the Marine Mammal Stranding Response Team in Hong Kong since 2006, the Foundation has extended the Stranding Response Programme to threatened species of sharks and rays in 2016. Giant panda conservation efforts were extended from infrastructure rebuilding after earthquake to a three-year donation commitment to support scientific research, capacity building, as well as education projects being carried out in Sanjiang field station under Sichuan Wolong National Nature Reserve. OPCFHK also participates in the conservation and research of local freshwater turtles.

OPCFHK continues to inspire university students to engage in field work as part of its University Student Sponsorship Programme in Wildlife Conservation and connects secondary school students as well as corporations to horseshoe crab conservation efforts in Hong Kong through the rearing and fostering programme.

Following the success of the first “No Straw Day” in 2017, OPCFHK also launched the "No Straw Campaign" - a wider and on-going movement to further encourage a reduction in the use of disposable straws and other plastics in Hong Kong in June 2018, taking a significant step towards helping to safeguard our marine eco-system. OPCFHK has teamed-up with more than 1,800 (as of December 2022) restaurant outlets, educational institutions, corporations, as well as government departments, to draw the public to action through the launch of the “No Straw the Eighth”, “No Straw Friday” and “No Straw Partner” schemes. These schemes mean that restaurants and schools will not provide straws to their customers or students unless upon request on either the eighth day of every month, every Friday, or in the case of partners, every day of the year – essentially never.

We envision a world where Asian wildlife remains biologically diverse under the stewardship of humans, corporations and governments.

We are committed to advocating, facilitating and participating in effective conservation of Asian wildlife, with an emphasis on Chinese white dolphins and giant pandas as well as their habitats. This will be achieved through partnerships, fundraising, research and education.

Good Corporate Governance:
The Foundation believes that good corporate governance will assist the Trustees and Management to pursue objectives that are in the interests of the organisation and the public, lead to better corporate performance and reputation and is essential in attaining long‐term, sustainable growth. While recognising that corporate governance may be affected by many factors, the Foundation believes that the core principles of accountability, transparency and integrity are fundamental to good governance and has, therefore, adopted these as the cornerstone of the Foundation's governance framework.

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