OPCFHK presents the first-ever “RUN FOR SURVIVAL” charity event in Hong Kong

 Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong presents the first-ever “RUN FOR SURVIVAL” charity event in Hong Kong 
Inspiring action to protect our oceans through first-hand experience of struggles faced by wildlife


(December 24 2014, Hong Kong) Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong (OPCFHK), as a leading conservation advocate, will organise Hong Kong’s first-ever “RUN FOR SURVIVAL” charity run at Cyberport on March 8, 2015 (Sunday). The event aims to enhance the public awareness of marine conservation, with an emphasis on three major issues including marine debris, overfishing and pollution. Participants will assume the role of either a Marine Animal struggling for survival, or a Conservationist taking the responsibility for protecting Marine Animals. During the race, participants will encounter different obstacles such as marine debris and pollutants. Ocean Killers will stand in the way and snatch the life flags from Marine Animals, while only Conservationists can repel their attacks. Being surrounded by dangers, the participants need to overcome all the difficulties and reach the Marine Reserve 6.6 km away. There will be two categories, the “Fun Run Group” and the “Individual Time Challenge Group”; hence participants in the “Fun Run Group” can enjoy and experience the race without time pressure. The funds raised in the race will be used to support OPCFHK’s Asian wildlife conservation efforts, in the hope that more members from the general public will join us to step up for our oceans and protect biodiversity.

The first “RUN FOR SURVIVAL” will offer a great variety of rewards and prizes, including the male and female “Super-speed Marine Animal” and “Super-speed Conservationist” under the “Individual Time Challenge Group”. The participants of the “Fun Run Group” can also compete for the “Top Fundraiser”, “Best Dressed Award” and other awards. Participants who successfully complete the mission will receive a “Survivor Certificate” or “Conservation Hero Certificate”, while the rest will also receive a “Certificate of Completion” to appreciate their support in marine conservation. To encourage more participants to dress up as their favourite marine animals, all participants with special costumes will receive a souvenir.

The marine ecosystem is comprised of an interdependent food chain; any missing component could lead to a breakdown of the ecosystem. Although Hong Kong has a beautiful sea that is rich in biodiversity, the problems of marine debris, overfishing and pollution have put many species at the brink of extinction. Fish and seabirds may swallow marine debris, and the heavy metal and organic pollutants from trash or other man-made products can accumulate inside marine organisms and enter the food chain. All these problems may cause death of many marine lives and pose potential long term threats to the environment. OPCFHK hopes to enhance public awareness on marine conservation by organising Hong Kong’s first-ever “RUN FOR SURVIVAL” charity run.