RUN FOR SURVIVAL Charity Run Returns in 2016: Challenge Yourself and Survive the Ocean Killers!

OPCFHK “RUN FOR SURVIVAL” Charity Run Returns in 2016
Challenge Yourself and Survive the Ocean Killers!

Early Bird Registration before 17 Jan   Chances to Win Business Class Tickets to Taiwan or Japan

(12 January 2016, Hong Kong) “RUN FOR SURVIVAL”, the marine conservation themed charity race organized by Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong (OPCFHK), will be held on 28 February, 2016 in Hong Kong Science Park to challenge runners in surviving the ruthless “Ocean Killers”. Early Bird benefits are available for registration made by 17 January, while a team of 4 or more participants can enjoy the Group Booking Offer until 14 February. What’s more? Top individual and family group fundraisers will have an opportunity to win business class round-trip tickets to Taiwan or Japan!

“RUN FOR SURVIVAL” charity run aims to enhance the public awareness of marine conservation, highlighting 3 major issues of marine debris, overfishing and pollution. The participants can choose to be either “Marine Animals” or “Conservationists” struggling for survival, while avoiding the “Ocean Killers”, and all share a common goal to reach the finish point. Throughout the course, participants will find the conservation tips in the event website can save their lives at the “Animal Rescue Centre”!

Over 1,000 people were attracted by the innovative games and participated in the first “RUN For SURIVIVAL” last year, including families and kids. The runners were confronted by attacks of Ocean Killers and other marine threats along the race. The run not only gave them a thrill filled adventure, but also introduced them to the huge challenges encountered by our marine animals and deepened their understanding of conservation. Fund raised supported the Foundation’s conservation and education programmes which reached over 100,000 members of general public and students in 2014/15.

“RUN FOR SURVIVAL” will be held at Hong Kong Science Park, and will offer a new 10km Time Challenge route for those seeking a greater physical challenge and a 3km Fun Run for individuals, friends and families (family group) who opt for a more playful exercise. You can visit our Fun and Learn Centre after finishing the race and learn to “BUY SMART, EAT SMART, USE SMART” and conserve the rich biodiversity of Hong Kong through the educational games and upcycling workshops.

“Every species has its own irreplaceable role to play in the eco-system and each species relies on one another to live harmoniously together. Humans, being a part of this wonderful web of life, are capable of bringing both catastrophic disasters and miracles to our beloved nature,” OPCFHK’s Foundation Director, Ms. Suzanne Gendron said. “Through this charity race, OPCFHK hopes to enhance public awareness on marine conservation with emphasis on the 3 major issues of overfishing, marine debris and pollution and thus to inspire daily actions to conserve local biodiversity. We can make a difference by taking a small step as easy as enjoying drinks without straws, which may end up in the ocean. Funds raised in this event will be allocated to support OPCFHK’s Asian wildlife conservation effort.”

“RUN FOR SURVIVAL” will offer a variety of awards and prizes, including the male and female “Super-speed Marine Animal” and “Super-speed Conservationist” under the “Individual Time Challenge Group”.  The participants of the “Fun Run Group” can also compete for the “Top Fundraiser”, “Best Dressed Award” and other prizes.

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Run For Survival


28 February , 2016

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Ends on 17 January, 2016

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Hong Kong Science Park

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