Unveiling Charlie, Gigi and Aarif’s Unforgettable ‘Lip-act’ Image

OPCFHK Kicks Off “Speak Up For Our Oceans” Public Awareness Campaign
Unveiling Charlie, Gigi and Aarif’s Unforgettable ‘Lip-act’ Image

(November 19, 2013, Hong Kong) Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong (OPCFHK) will embark on the “Speak Up For Our Oceans” public awareness campaign on November 20, 2013, to promote marine conservation.  Three local well-known artistes, Charlie Young, Gigi Leung and Aarif Rahman, joined hands for the first time and created a fascinating performance with special ‘animal-ipstick’, featuring the precious Chinese white dolphin, octopus and puffer fish, in a brand new TV advertisement campaign. Ms Judy Chen, Chair of OPCFHK and Dr. Allan Zeman, Chairman of Ocean Park Hong Kong, also had cameo appearances as seahorse and whale shark respectively. 

Ms Suzanne Gendron, Foundation Director of OPCFHK, said, “Animal-ipstick, innovated by Paige Thompson, an artist and university student from the United States, inspired us to apply colorful marine animal painting on the artistes’ lips. The special make-up, together with the artistes’ vivid lips movements, mimic the marine animals as if they are expressing themselves lively and directly to the audience.  We wish to create some room for imagination with the cutting-edge, impressive and highly entertaining visuals, hence to inspire our audience to rethink the importance of marine conservation.”

The new TV advertisement will make its debute on major local TV channels tomorrow. Ms Gendron thanked Charlie, Gigi and Aarif’s generous support, and said that their performances will help drive the advertisement’s overall creative conservation messages home, and greatly enhance its attractiveness and persuasiveness.

Acting as a Chinese white dolphin, octopus and puffer fish respectively, Charlie, Gigi and Aarif wore this type of unique lip make-up for the first time to “act” primarily through lip and facial expression. They were all very excited to be part of the campaign and even before the shooting, they gained a thorough understanding of the production process, and exchanged ideas with the director and make-up artists. 

Dedicated to wildlife conservation over the years, Charlie Young, Education Ambassador for OPCFHK, is happy to collaborate with the Foundation again to advocate marine conservation. “I’ve been an ocean lover ever since I was young. The tranquility of the ocean always pampers me with a true relaxation,” she said. “I visit different places for scuba diving whenever I have vacations and the moments of interacting with marine animals always make me thrilled,” she said. “The beauty of the ocean that I have enjoyed inspires me to do something for this cause.”

Charlie recalled her wonderful experience of swimming with a group of dolphins last year in Tahiti. However, when she have learned that Chinese white dolphin population in Pearl River Estuary could substantially decrease by 70% over the next 60 years due to various threats, including fishing net entanglement, habitat loss and degradation, she is eager to lend her support for the dolphins.


Gigi Leung, The Foundation’s Marine Conservation Ambassador, wishes to enhance public awareness on marine conservation issues. She said, “The beautiful sea in Hong Kong nurtures many precious marine animals. Yet, their survivals are now in jeopardy, caused by serious problems, like marine debris, overfishing and excessive marine traffic, but they are unable to tell us themselves. We should all support conservation efforts and speak up for these vulnerable animals, in order to protect our beautiful seas for the next generations.” While acting as an octopus, Gigi gave a lively and cute performance that is sure to impress audiences.
A supporter of many charity and environmental activities, Aarif Rahman was also an enthusiastic participant in this campaign. “It was a very challenging but interesting experience to act like a puffer fish, using just my lips,” he said. “I am grateful that OPCFHK and the director were satisfied with my performance.”
“I am a seafood lover like many others,” said Aarif. “However, scientists predicted that major global commercial fisheries could collapse within 35 years, which highlights the importance of sustainable fishing and farming method.

We can make a difference by choosing seafood wisely.  Act now and pledge not to consume shark fin, humphead wrasse, bluefin tuna and other endangered marine species.  Always make reference to the ‘Seafood Guide’ and choose species from the ‘Recommended’ category!”

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