University Student Sponsorship Programme 2007- 08

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The University of Hong Kong

Animal Species Whales and dolphins
Research focus To study the conservation and biodiversity
Location Berau Archipelago, East Kalimantan, Indonesia
Principal Investigator Dr. Danielle Kreb
Yayasan Konservasi RASI
Date April 2008
Students But Lok Wai, William & Molly Fu Cheuk Chi
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Animal Species Humpback whales and other dolphins
Research focus Science and community-based conservation
Location Babuyan Islands, Philippines
Principal Investigator Mr. Rasmus Klocker Larsen
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Date March 2008
Students Sarah Mak Siu Tze & Ivy Mak Tsz Wai
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Animal Species Tiger and its prey
Research focus Abundance and distribution, as well as prey selection by large carnivores
Location Northern Lao PDR
Principal Investigator Mr. Chanthavy Vongkhamheng
The Wildlife Conservation Society-Lao Program
Date February 2008
Students Wan Pak Ho, J & Cindy Yuen Pui Yu
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The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Animal Species Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin and Spinner Dolphin
Research focus Ecology and conservation
Location Balabac, Palawan, Philippines
Principal Investigator Dr. Ma. Louella Dolar
Tropical Marine Research for Conservation, LLC
Date April 2008
Students Lee Ho, Yung Cheuk Man & Zhou Muzhi
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Animal Species Irrawaddy Dolphin
Research focus Assessment of population and conservation issues
Location Along the Eastern Gulf Coast of Thailand
Principal Investigator Dr. Ellen Hines
San Francisco State University
Date February 2008
Students Siu Sze Man & Yuen Yat Fai
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Animal Species Philippine Eagle
Research focus Research, local capacity-building and education campaign
Location the Southern Sierra Madre Protected Landscape, Luzon, The Philippines
Principal Investigator Mr. J.C. Ibanez
Philippine Eagle Foundation
Date March 2008
Students Group 1: Lau Ngo Mui Amy & Wong Tsz Kin Kenneth;
Group 2: Ho Lok Hin & Jiang He
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The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Research focus #7 Sustainable dolphin-watching tourism
Location Bali, Indonesia
Principal Investigator Putu Liza Kusuma Mustika
James Cook University
Date June 2008
Students Cheng Wai Wa William & Kwong Yuen Yee Christina
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Animal Species Freshwater Turtles
Research focus Distribution, natural habitats, and exploitation
Location Guangdong Province, South China
Principal Investigator Dr. Alex T. Chow
South China University of Technology
Date June 2008
Students Wu Tse Huen Sharon & Chan Yuk Wa
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Animal Species Seahorse
Research focus Community-based Initiatives for Seahorse Conservation
Location Danajon Double Barrier Reef , The Philippines
Principal Investigator Dr. Amanda C.J. Vincent
Project Searhorse
Date May to June 2008
Students Lau Pui Ling Connie & Leung Sin Man Grace
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City University of Hong Kong

Animal Species Dugong
Research focus Assessment of the species' population and its habitat
Location Davao Gulf, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Principal Investigator Dr. Hilconida P. Calumpong
Silliman University Marine Laboratory
Date April 2008
Students Wong Man Chung & Fang Kar Hei, James
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Animal Species Marine Turtle
Research focus Community based nest protection of the species and community outreach programme
Location Rekawa, Sri Lanka
Principal Investigator Mr. K.A.D.T.J. Kapurusinghe
Turtle Conservation Project
Date February 2008
Students Ng Pun Tung & Chan Sze Man
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Animal Species Sumatran elephants
Research focus Capacity building in mitigation of human – elephant conflict
Location Gunung Leuser National Park, Indonesia
Principal Investigator Dr. Wahdi Azmi
Fauna & Flora International
Date March 2008
Students Cheung Wing Yu & Sha Yuen Yu
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