Celebrating 20 Years of Achievements at the 20th Ocean Park Conservation Day

 Celebrating 20 Years of Achievements at the 20th Ocean Park Conservation Day 

Mobilising public to save animals from the sea, land and air 
Pledge to go green and say YES to a more sustainable lifestyle in Hong Kong to save our Planet Earth 

(December 19 2014, Hong Kong) The annual signature event “Ocean Park Conservation Day” of Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong (OPCFHK) is approaching. The Foundation will celebrate the 20th anniversary of Conservation Day together with Ocean Park on January 10, 2015 (Saturday), and bring visitors a memorable weekend with fruitful wildlife conservation knowledge. We will show visitors our spectacular achievements in Asian wildlife conservation, and introduce three threatened species that we have been helping from the sea, on the land and in the air respectively. These are the Chinese White Dolphin, wildlife symbol of Hong Kong, the giant panda, China’s National Treasure, and the Chinese crested tern, the legendary seabird. Visitors will also meet some juvenile horseshoe crabs, and explore research works of front-line scientists in our workshops. Meanwhile, visitors will get to learn more wildlife and environmental protection tips. According to the “Living Planet Report 2014”, all human civilizations on earth today are consuming resources at a rate of 1.5 times the Earth’s available resources; yet, if everyone on the planet consumed resources at the same rate as we do here in Hong Kong, we would require 3.1 Planet Earths to fulfill our resource needs annually. This alarming figure reveals that Hong Kong people are living beyond the Earth’s means and unless we see meaningful change in human consumption patterns, there is very little hope to our Earth in the long-term. Visitors can join the “I Promise” activity and pledge to live a greener lifestyle to help save the environment.

As Ocean Park’s conservation arm, OPCFHK is committed to advocating, facilitating and participating in effective conservation of Asian wildlife, with an emphasis on Chinese white dolphins and giant pandas, as well as their habitats. This will be achieved through partnerships, fundraising, research and education. Ocean Park will donate the entire admission revenue from Conservation Day on January 10, 2015 to OPCFHK; and will continue to donate HK$1 from each of the paid admission to the Park, panda merchandise sales proceeds, as well as a percentage of revenue from F&B and animal encounter programmes to OPCFHK to support the conservation efforts of Asian wildlife. Visitors can also make donations directly to the Foundation through donation boxes and octopus system in various attractions.

Event details:

Date :          January 10, 2015(Sat)
Time :          10am – 7pm
Location :     Ocean Park 
Activities :    Education and Game Booths
                    Meeting the Living Fossil 
                    “Be a Conservationist” Workshop 
                    “Green Potting DIY” Workshop
                    “I Promise" Pledge Activity


1) Education and Game Booths – deliver conservation messages with handicrafts (location: Waterfront Plaza)
OPCFHK will set up education and game booths with illustrated panels and games for families. These can help promote wildlife conservation with an emphasis on the giant panda, China’s National Treasure, the Chinese white dolphin, the wildlife symbol of Hong Kong, and the legendary seabird, the Chinese crested tern. Animal-themed face and body painting as well as Chinese white dolphin, seahorse and horseshoe crab handicrafts provide extra fun. All these activities help to ensure that learning about wildlife conservation is entertaining and engaging!

2) Meeting the Living Fossil – embrace the beauty of horseshoe crabs (location: Mountain Classroom)
The horseshoe crab is precious and has a distinctive appearance. It has existed for 475 million years, which is 230 million years before the appearance of dinosaurs on Earth. OPCFHK will exhibit a series of horseshoe crab fossils. Visitors can also take a close look at the juvenile horseshoe crabs. Secondary school students who joined the “Juvenile Horseshoe Crab Rearing Programme” will explain the horseshoe crab’s biology, conservation status and share with visitors their joyful moments with the horseshoe crabs.

3) "Be a Conservationist" Workshop – experience frontline works in the wild (location: River Classroom)
The Foundation will take visitors to the world of researchers and conservationists and experience their front-line field works. Visitors will be taught some research methods and skills of studying seahorses and other wild animals. Through amazing videos and games, visitors will be able to go through the breath-taking journeys of the “University Students Sponsorship Programme” participants in the past 10 years, so as to learn more about OPCFHK’s support to the threatened wildlife in Asia.

4) “Green Potting DIY” Workshop – make your place greener (location: next to Pavilion)
Want to make your home or workspace greener? During the Conservation Day, visitors can join the “Friends of the Foundation” at the discounted celebration rate of $200 (Regular Membership) or $80 (Junior Membership), and join the “Green Potting DIY” Workshop for free! Visitors will learn to make use of recycled glass bottles, soil and decorations to create their unique potting and bring it home.

5) "I Promise" Pledge Activity – turn blessing into actions
All of us can bring hope to our Earth. Visitors can turn their passion for conservation into actions by pledging to have a greener lifestyle. Visitors can also share their devotion to conservation in Facebook.