Past Projects
Project Name Supported Species Location Principal Investigator Institute
Population Survey of Chinese White Dolphin in Jiangmen Chinese White Dolphin Provincial Nature Reserve, Guangdong
Chinese White Dolphin Guangdong, China Dr. ZHU Qian Shandong University (Weihai)
  1. Zeng, Q., Wang, X. and Zhu, Q. 2021. Preliminary Study on the Reproductive Ecology of a Threatened Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin (Sousa chinensis) Population in Xiamen Bay, China. Aquatic Mammals, 47(1). 
Health Risk Assessment of Chinese White Dolphin and its Prey Fish Species in Exposure to PCBs and Organochlorine Pesticides
Chinese White Dolphin Pearl River Estuary, China Dr. GUI Duan Sun Yat-sen University
Community Structure, Population Parameters and Age Structure of Chinese White Dolphin Population in Neilingding Waters
Chinese White Dolphin Pearl River Estuary, China Dr. LIN Wenzhi Sun Yat-sen University
  1. Tang, X., Lin, W., Karczmarski, L., Lin, M., Chan, S. C.Y., Liu, M., Xue, T., Wu, Y., Zhang, P. & Li, S. (2021). Photo‐identification comparison of four Indo‐Pacific humpback dolphin populations off southeast China. Integrative Zoology
Study on Seasonal Distribution Pattern and Habitat Use of Yangtze Finless Porpoise, Anqing Region
Yangtze Finless Porpoise Anhui, China Dr. CHEN Minmin Anqing Normal University
Investigation of Habitat Fragmentation Status for Yangtze Finless Porpoise in Yichang-Wuhan Section of Yangtze River
Yangtze Finless Porpoise Hubei, China Dr. MEI Zhigang Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Inspiring Support for Pematang Gadung Community Forest through Communication, Education and Public Awareness Efforts
Bornean Orangutan Indonesia Dr. Gail CAMPBELL-SMITH Yayasan IAR Indonesia
Population Assessments of Wild Bornean Orangutans: Comparing Ground Nest Surveys to New Drone Technologies
Bornean Orangutan Indonesia Dr. Cheryl KNOTT Gunung Palung Orangutan Conservation Program
  1. Knott, C. D., Kane, E. E., Achmad, M., Barrow, e. J., Bastian, M. L., Beck, J., Blackburn, A., Breeden, T. L., Brittain, N. L. C., Brousseau, J. J., Brown, E. R., Brown, M., Brubaker-Wittman, L. A., Campbell-Smith, G. A., de Sousa, A., DiGiorgio, A. L., Freund, C. A., Gehrke, V. I., Granados, A., Harting, J., Harwell, F. S., Johnson, A., Kanisius, P., Kemsey, J. R., Kurniawan, S. F., Kurniawati, D., Laman, T. G., Marshall, A. J., Naruri, R., O’Connell, C. A., Philp, B. J., Rahman, E., Riyandi, Robinson, N. J., Scott, A. M., Scott, K. S., Setia, T. S., Setiadi, W., Setiawan, E., Sumardi, I., Suro, R. R., Tamariska, F. W., Thompson, M. E., Yaap, B., Susanto, T. W. The Gunung Palung Orangutan Project: Twenty-five years at the intersection of research and conservation in a critical landscape in Indonesia. Biological Conservation, 255, 108856.
Strengthening Community Cooperation for Pangolin Conservation in Kavrepalanchowk District
Chinese Pangolin Nepal Ms Prativa KASPAL Natural Heritage Nepal
Conserving the Critically Endangered Chinese Pangolin, Manis pentadactyla in the Tea Plantations of Darjeeling Himalaya, India
Chinese Pangolin India Dr. Sunita PRADHAN Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment
Status Survey and Conservation Action Plan for Eurasian Otter (Lutra lutra) in Hong Kong
Eurasian Otter Hong Kong Dr. Billy C.H. HAU The University of Hong Kong
Preliminary Study on Blood Transfusion of Giant Panda
Giant Panda Sichuan, China Dr. LI Desheng The Giant Panda Protection and Research Center of China/Wolong National Nature Reserve Administration, Sichuan
Genetic Database Development and Population Management for Giant Pandas in Caopo and Xiaohegou Natural Reserves in Sichuan
Giant Panda Sichuan, China Dr. GU Xiaodong Sichuan Wildlife Survey, Protection and Management Station
Study of Potential Risk of Canine Distemper to Wild Giant Panda and its Associated Wildlife in Shaanxi
Giant Panda Shaanxi, China Dr. WANG Fang Peking University/ Michigan State University
Effectiveness Evaluation of Functional Area Management Based on Biodiversity in Changqing National Nature Reserve, Shaanxi
Giant Panda Shaanxi, China Dr. LI Sheng Peking University
Standardisation of Patrol and Monitoring in Nature Reserves in Gansu
Giant Panda Gansu, China Mr. LU Mingyao Wild Animal and Plant Management Authority, Gansu
Supporting SMART Patrols in Project Harimau Selamanya to Improve Protection of the Malayan Tiger in the Kenyir-Taman Negara Core Area, Peninsular Malaysia
Malayan Tiger Malaysia Dr. Gopalasamy Reuben CLEMENTS Rimba / University Malaysia Terengganu
Multidisciplinary Approach for Assessing Komodo Dragon Population Distribution and Trends on the Island of Flores, Indonesia
Komodo Dragon Indonesia Mr. Deni PURWANDANA Komodo Survival Program
  1. Ariefiandy, A., Purwandana, D., Azmi, M., Nasu, S.A., Mardani, J., Ciofi, C. and Jessop, T.S. 2021. Human activities associated with reduced Komodo dragon habitat use and range loss on Flores. Biodiversity and Conservation, 30(2), 461-479.
Conservation and Ecology of Endangered Geoemyda spengleri
Black-breasted Leaf Turtle China Dr. Daniel GAILLARD Peking University
Informed Landscape Conservation: a Multi-species Study Evaluating the Impacts of Habitat Fragmentation and Quality on Ranging Patterns of Threatened Wildlife in the Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary, Sabah, Malaysian Borneo
Various species including Sunda Pangolin, Bornean Elephant, Proboscis Monkey and Reticulated Python Malaysia Dr. Benoit GOOSSENS Danau Girang Field Centre
EcoGuardians Program: A Model for Mitigating Turtle Hunting in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh
Arakan Forest Turtle, Assam Roofed Turtle, Keeled Box Turtle , Asian Brown Turtle and Elongated Tortoise Bangladesh Mr. Andrew WALDE Turtle Survival Alliance
Restoring a Wild Population of Chinese Alligators at Wuchang Lake, Anhui Province, China
Chinese Alligator Anhui, China Prof. LU Shunqing Huangshan University
Strengthening Participatory Turtle Conservation Project along Ghaghra-Sarju River System in Terai Arc Landscape, North India
- India Dr. Shailendra SINGH Turtle Survival Alliance India Programme
Reptile Conservation in Rural Tamilnadu
- India Ms Zahida WHITAKER Madras Crocodile Bank Trust
Community-based Conservation Management of the Banggai Cardinalfish in Indonesia
Banggai Cardinalfish Indonesia Mr. Gayatri Reksodihardjo-Lilley Yayasan Alam Indonesia Lestari
Monitoring and Conservation Strategy of Chinese Sturgeon Breeding Ground in Gezhouba Dam, Hubei, China
Chinese Sturgeon Hubei, China Dr. LEE Wei Institute of Hydroecology, Ministry of Water Resources & Chinese Academy of Sciences
Study on Conservation Status and Awareness of Chinese Sucker
Chinese Sucker Hubei, China Dr. HU Guangfu Huazhong Agricultural University
Impact Assessment and Artificial Nest Building for Upper Yangtze River National Nature Reserve of Rare and Endemic Fish (Chongqing Section)
Freshwater fishes Chongqing, China Prof. YAO Weizhi Southwest University, Chongqing
Workshop to Assess Current Conservation Status and Management and Research Needs for 90 Asian Species of Groupers (Family Epinephelidae) According to IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria
Groupers Hong Kong Prof. Yvonne SADOVY DE MITCHESON The University of Hong Kong
Education and Community Involvement in the Conservation of Indigenous Bird Species, Including the Critically Endangered Bali Mynah in Bali, Indonesia
Bali Mynah Indonesia Ms Carolyn KENWRICK Begawan Foundation
Estimating Genetic Diversity in Captive Populations of Critically Endangered Blue-crowned Laughingthrush (Garrulax courtoisi)
Blue-crowned Laughingthrush Hong Kong and Wuyuan, China Dr. Yang LIU Sun Yat-sen University
Identifying Ecological Relationships of Cacatua sulphurea to Aid Conservation in its Native and Introduced Ranges
Yellow-crested Cockatoo Hong Kong, Indonesia Dr. Luke GIBSON The University of Hong Kong
Assessing IUCN Red List Status of Hong Kong Ants
Ants Hong Kong Dr. Benoit GUENARD The University of Hong Kong
Potential Distribution Prediction and Conservation Strategy of Chinese and Mangrove Horseshoe Crabs Juveniles using Ecological Niche Factor Analysis in Beibu Gulf, Guangxi
Chinese Horseshoe Crab, Mangrove Horseshoe Crab Guangxi, China Dr. HU Menghong Shanghai Ocean University