Past Projects
Project Name Supported Species Location Principal Investigator Institute
Ecological study and Conservation Planning towards Endangered salamanders in Iran
Persian Mountain Salamander, Azarbaijan Mountain Newt, Luristan Newt, Salamandra infraimmaculata semenovi, Gorgan Mountain Salamander, Kurdistan Newt Iran Dr. Seyyed Saeed Hosseinian Yousefkhani Damghan University
Combating the Illegal and Unsustainable Trade in Songbirds in East Asia
Multiple songbird species China, Hong Kong Dr. Caroline Dingle The University of Hong Kong
Assessment and monitoring of the Hong Kong grouper (Epinephelus akaara) for conservation planning
Hong Kong Grouper Hong Kong Dr. Celia Schunter The University of Hong Kong
Expanding ecological knowledge, documenting population trends, and developing molecular tools to support the management of Sri Lanka's elasmobranchs
Scalloped hammerhead, Sharpnose Guitarfish, Chilean Devil Ray/Sicklefin Devilray, Giant Manta Ray, Giant Devil Ray, Stripnose Guitarfish Sri Lanka Mr. Daniel Fernando Blue Resources Trust
Assessing genetic diversity and extinction risk of the vulnerable seagrass Halophila beccarii: Genomic tools for ecological restoration of this keystone species in Asia
Ocean Turf Grass China, Hong Kong Dr. Juan Diego Gaitan-Espitia The University of Hong Kong
Generating Global Trade Data on Asian Horseshoe Crabs
Chinese horseshoe crab/Tri-spine Horseshoe Crab, Tachypleus gigas, Mangrove horseshoe crab/Carcinoscorpius rotundicauda China, Hong Kong, Japan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam Dr. Akbar John Bava John International Islamic University Malaysia
Assessing the genetic diversity and ecological role of the endangered wattle-necked softshell turtle (Palea steindachneri) through the study of remnant populations
Wattle-necked Softshell Turtle China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, USA Prof. Jonathan Fong Lingnan University
New technological and traditional behavioral approaches for freshwater turtle conservation
Big-headed turtle, Beale's eyed turtle Hong Kong Dr. Yik Hei Sung Lingnan University
Conservation of Flagship Carnivores Through Community Based Conservation and Research in Human Mediated Landscapes in Sri Lanka
Fishing Cat, Rusty spotted cat, Jungle cat, Sri Lankan Leopard Sri Lanka Mr. Ashan Thudugala Small Cat Advocacy & Research