Past Projects
Project Name Supported Species Location Principal Investigator Institute
A Conservation Action Plan for Chinese Giant Salamanders
Chinese giant salamander China Prof. Andrew CUNNINGHAM Zoological Society of London
  1. Tapley, B., Turvey, S. T., Chen, S., Wei, G., Xie, F., Yang, J., Liang, Z., Tian, H., Wu, M., Okada, S., Wang, J., Lu, J., Zhou, F., Xu, J., Zhao, H., Redbond, J., Brown, T., & Cunningham, A. A. (2021). Range-wide decline of Chinese giant salamanders Andrias spp. from suitable habitat. Oryx, 55(3), 373-381.
  2. Turvey, S. T., Chen, S., Tapley, B., Liang, Z., Wei, G., Yang, J., Wu, M., Brown, T. & Cunningham, A. A. (2021). From dirty to delicacy? Changing exploitation in China threatens the world's largest amphibians. People and Nature, 3(2), 446-456.
Are Our Amphibians in Peril of a Lethal Pandemic? Tracking an Emerging Amphibian Fungal Disease in Hong Kong Newts and Other Amphibians in the Wild and Pet Trade Market
Hong Kong Newt China and Hong Kong Dr. SIN Yung Wa The University of Hong Kong
Whistle Comparison and Environmental Adaptability of Chinese white dolphins in the eastern and western Pearl River Estuary
Chinese white dolphin China Dr. WANG Zhitao Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  1. Yuan, J., Wang, Z., Duan, P., Xiao, Y., Zhang, H., Huang, Z., Zhou, R., Wen, H., Wang, K., & Wang, D. (2021). Whistle signal variations among three Indo‐Pacific humpback dolphin populations in the South China Sea: a combined effect of the Qiongzhou Strait's geographical barrier function and local ambient noise?. Integrative Zoology 16(4): 499–511.
Ecological Baseline Survey of Chinese white dolphin population in Hainan
Chinese white dolphin China Dr. LIN Mingli Institute of Deep-sea Science and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  1. Lin, M., Chen, S., Gozlan, R. E., Ren, P., Li, W., Ye, S., Wang, Q., Zhang, T., Liu, J., Li, S. and Li, Z. (2020). Stock enhancement of Culter mongolicus: Assessment of growth, recapture and release size in the Yangtze lakes. Fisheries Research, 234, 105809.
  2. Lin, M., Liu, M., Lek, S., Dong, L., Zhang, P., Gozlan, R. E., & Li, S. (2021). Modelling habitat suitability of the Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin using artificial neural network: The influence of shipping. Ecological Informatics, 62, 101274.
  3. Liu, M., Lin, M., Lusseau, D., & Li, S. (2021). The biogeography of group sizes in humpback dolphins (Sousa spp.). Integrative zoology. 16, 527-537.
  4. Tang, X., Lin, W., Karczmarski, L., Lin, M., Chan, S. C.Y., Liu, M., Xue, T., Wu, Y., Zhang, P. & Li, S. (2021). Photo‐identification comparison of four Indo‐Pacific humpback dolphin populations off southeast China. Integrative Zoology
Social Strategy and Habitat Utilisation Pattern of Small Populations of Chinese White Dolphin
Chinese white dolphin China Dr. ZHENG Ruiqiang Shantou University
School Conservation Education and Community Awareness in the Breeding and Conservation of Indigenous Bird Species, Including the Critically Endangered Bali Starling in Bali, Indonesia
Bali starling Indonesia Ms. Carolyn KENWRICK Begawan Foundation
Proposal for Long Term Conservation of Red Fin Labeo (Labeo lankae) Globally Critically Endangered fish species
Red Fin Labeo Sri Lanka Prof. Devaka WEERAKOON IUCN
Determining Elasmobranch Diversity and Conducting Age-Growth Analyses of Threatened Species to Support Sustainable Fisheries Management in Sri Lanka.
Scalloped Hammerhead, Chilean Devil Ray, Giant Manta Ray, Spinetail Devil Ray, Stripenose Guitarfish, Short fin Devil Ray Sri Lanka Mr. Daniel FERNANDO Blue Resources Trust
  1. Tanna, A., Fernando, D., Gobiraj, R., Pathirana, B. M., Thilakaratna, S., & Jabado, R. W. (2021). Where have all the sawfishes gone? Perspectives on declines of these Critically Endangered species in Sri Lanka. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems, 1-15.
Regional Workshop on Species Assessment, Monitoring and Conservation Planning for Asian Groupers
Hong Kong Grouper, Longtooth grouper, Brown-marbled grouper, Camouflage grouper, Squaretail coralgrouper China, Hong Kong Mr. Stan SHEA Bloom Association Hong Kong
Assessment of Primary Anthropogenic Stressors to Chinese White Dolphins in Heavily Urbanized Estuary
Chinese white dolphin China Dr. LIN Wenzhi Haisang Ecological Technology co. Ltd., Zhuhai
  1. Tang, X., Lin, W., Karczmarski, L., Lin, M., Chan, S. C.Y., Liu, M., Xue, T., Wu, Y., Zhang, P. & Li, S. (2021). Photo‐identification comparison of four Indo‐Pacific humpback dolphin populations off southeast China. Integrative Zoology
  2. Lin, W., Karczmarski, L., Zhou, R., Mo, Y., Guo, L., Yiu, S. K. F., Ning, X., Wai, T. C., & Wu, Y. (2021). Prey decline leads to diet shift in the largest population of Indo‐Pacific humpback dolphins?. Integrative Zoology

Population Biology of Bryde's Whale in Weizhou Island, Guangxi
Bryde's whale China Prof. YANG Guang Nanjing Normal University
Study and exploration of using drones for survey of Chinese white dolphin
Chinese white dolphin China Mr. CHEN Mo Guangxi Academy of Sciences
Night-time Distribution and Abundance of Chinese White Dolphins (Sousa chinensis) in Hong Kong Waters: Conservation Implications
Chinese white dolphin China, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Dr. CHAN Stephen C.Y. Cetacea Research Institute
West Visayas Species Reintroduction Project
Tarictic/Visayan Hornbill, Walden's Hornbill, Negros Bleeding-Heart Dove, Visayan Spotted Deer, Visayan Warty Pig Philippines Ms. Ysabella MONTANO Talarak Foundation Inc.
Biodiversity of freshwater crabs and critical habitat investigation in the mountains of Yunan
Freshwater crabs China Prof. SUAN Hongying School of Life Sciences, Nanjing Normal University
  1. Zhang, Z., Da Pan, X.H. and Sun, H. 2020. Two new species of freshwater crabs of the genera Eosamon Yeo & Ng, 2007 and Indochinamon Yeo & Ng, 2007 (Crustacea, Brachyura, Potamidae) from southern Yunnan, China. ZooKeys, 980, 1.
Taiwan Juvenile Horseshoe Survey: Survey of Juvenile Horseshoe Crab Populations and Habitats in Kinmen, Penghu and Xiangshan Wetland, Taiwan
Chinese horseshoe crab Taiwan Dr. YANG Mingjie Blue Ocean Alliance
Recovering India’s Most Endangered turtles; Northern River Terrapin (Batagur baska) in the Sundarbans
Northern River Terrapin India Dr. Shailendra SINGH Turtle Survival Alliance India
A Data-driven Approach to Strengthening Trade Enforcement of Turtles
Big-headed turtle, Beal's eyed turtle China, Hong Kong Dr SUNG Yik Hei The University of Hong Kong
Youth Saving South China Sea Turtles
Green turtle, Hawksbill turtle China Ms.Katie O'HARA Loggerhead Marinelife Center
China-Laos boundary snow leopard population conservation status evaluation
Indochinese tiger, Indochinese leopard, Marbled cat China Dr. LI Sheng Peking University
  1. Wang, F., Winkler, J., Viña, A., McShea, W. J., Li, S., Connor, T., Zhao, Z., Wang, D., Yang, H., Tang, Y., Zhang, J. & Liu, J. (2021). The hidden risk of using umbrella species as conservation surrogates: A spatio-temporal approach. Biological Conservation, 253, 108913.
Blood transfusion compatibility physiology study of the giant panda
Giant panda China Prof. LI Desheng China Conservation and Research Center for Giant Panda
Promoting Model for Community Conservation of Mongalian Marmot
Mongolian Marmot Mongolia Mr. Tumurbaatar ENEBISH Conservation Research and Education Center
Developing Local Community Nurseries to Protect and Restore Threatened Wildlife Habitat in Indonesian Borneo
Bornean orangutan, Bornean white-bearded gibbon, Malayan sun bear, Sunda Clouded leopard, Sunda pangolin Indonesia Dr. Mark HARRISON Borneo Nature Foundation