FREE Membership Promotion to Ocean Park Summer School Participants (2016)

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(Promotion until August 31, 2016
promotion applicable to participants of Ocean Park Summer School 2016 ONLY;
a discount rate is also offered to parents to accompany the participants)

Night Safari in Tai Tam
Do you want to discover the mysterious wildlife at night? A night safari will be a great choice.
Participants will have the opportunity to see the ‘celebrities in the dark’ including the twinkling
fireflies, frogs with ‘unique voices’ etc. introduced by our interpreters. And you will have an
extraordinary experience of summer just one step out of the city! (Photo: green cascade frog)
(Available at 7:30-9:00pm on July 30; $90 (members) $180  (non-members))

Discovering Birds in City
The discovery tour introducing city birds and trees in Hong Kong Park will be  guided by our narrator.
There are a wide range of species, including to rose-ringed parakeet, blue whistling thrush and many
more. Come and join us for an extraordinary experience! (Photo: yellow-crested cockatoo)
(Available at 9:00-10:30am on August 7; $90 (members) $180  (non-members))

Tung O Ancient Trail Eco-tour
The Tung O Ancient Trail was once an important passage for villagers to commute between Tung
Chung and Tai O. Our narrator will show  the participants the Trail with rich biodiversity by knowing
the local habitats, and plant and animal species near Tung Chung.  
(Available at 10:00am-12:00pm on August 14; $90 (members) $180  (non-members))

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Activities conducted in Cantonese
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matters and disputes in relation to the promotion programme will be subject to the final decision of OPCFHK.