Friends of the Foundation - Mudflat Clean-up
Restoration of Natural Habitat of Horseshoe Crabs

Subvented by Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department

You may have heard of Shui Hau Wan on Lantau Island, which is a popular location for clam digging and kite boarding. Shui Hau is actually an important wildlife habitat housing a wide range of precious species, including the 'living fossil' horseshoe crab. However, trash left behind from visitors, as well as marine debris is one of the major threats to the juvenile horseshoe crabs living in the mudflat. To learn more about the features of the ‘living fossil’ horseshoe crab, their importance to humans and how their habitat is being affected by human activities, please join the mudflat clean-up organised by Friends of the Foundation. Together we can restore the habitat of horseshoe crabs and inspire future generations to build a harmonious relationship with the Nature.

Date November 12, 2016 (Saturday)
Time 12:00-17:00
Location Shui Haiu Wan, Lantau Island
Gathering Arrangement Gather at Exit B Tung Chung MTR Station. Round-trip coach will be arragned to Shui Hau Wan
Fee Member $50
Non-member $100
(The activity must be enrolled by a member of Friends of the Foundation; each member may invite a non-member to join the activity at member rate; others invited non-members may join at non-member rate)
Interpretation is conducted in Cantonese with supplementary in English;persons aged 4 or above are welcome;seats are available in first-come-first-served basics.
Please fill in the enrollment form and return to OPCFHK by fax or email.
Enquiry:3923 2217


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