18th Ocean Park Conservation Day
OPCFHK celebrated the 18th Ocean Park Conservation Day on 12 and 13 January 2013 under the theme of seahorse conservation. We aimed at raising public's awareness on seahorse conservation through different activities.
As in past years, Ocean Park donated the entire admission revenue of 12 January 2013, the second Saturday of the year, to support our Asian conservation efforts. The Foundation also announced the new seahorse tagging initiative that will be implemented in the coming year, which would further enhance our current seahorse research in Hong Kong.

With the presence of our officiating guests, Ms Christine Loh, Under Secretary for the Environment (right 2) and Star Seahorse Researcher Mr. Ekin Cheng (right 1), Dr. Allan Zeman, GBM, GBS, JP (right 5), Chairman of Ocean Park, Mr. Tom Mehrmann (right 4), Chief Executive of Ocean Park and Mr. Matthias Li (right 3), Deputy Chief Executive and Chief Financial Officer of Ocean Park, presented a cheque representing the entire sum of Ocean Park's admission revenue for 12 January 2013 to OPCFHK. Ms Judy Chen (left 4), Chair of OPCFHK, Ms Suzanne Gendron (left 3), Foundation Director of OPCFHK, Mr. Richard Tsang (left 3) and Mrs. Monica Lee-Müller (left 1), Trustees of OPCFHK received the cheque on behalf of OPCFHK.
Through the 'Seahorse Workshop', guests learned more about seahorses including their special body structure, behaviour and conservation status.

The kids are delighted by the seahorse colouring, paper folding, body-painting and handicraft making.

Volunteers introduced OPCFHK's conservation efforts to guests with the aid of informative display panels.

We are happy to have the support from Conservation International for the 'One Planet One Ocean' Film Show with 4 documentaries to further promote marine conservation.

A festive weekend filled with conservation messages!
The photo exhibition brought the guests to embrace the underwater beauty of Hong Kong, and hence raise the awareness on local marine conservation.

We would like to thank Apple Chui, Eric Keung and Stan Shea for providing precious photos for the exhibition, and as narrators on-site to introduce local marine wildlife to our guests.
To acknowledge the support from donors and sponsors, OPCFHK organised a gathering to share OPCFHK conservation efforts in the past year.